An initiative aiming to give water the attention it deserves!

Why European Water Stars?

Water is such an integral part of everyday life that most Europeans barely think about it anymore. We drink it, use if for food production, in industry, for transport and recreation. We build our infrastructure to deal with rain, drought and tides from the sea.

Yet Europe faces a combination of water-related challenges: extreme weather, the impacts of climate change, pollution, and demographic shifts pressuring water infrastructure. Finding solutions for these cross-border European water challenges requires organizations and experts to unite efforts.

The European Water Stars programme aims to engage both water specialists and celebrities to contribute expertise and publicity towards European water-related challenges. The programme will create water ambassadors – the so called Water Stars – who can inspire young professionals to work in the water sector, bringing in fresh ideas and creative solutions for these challenges.

Collaboration on water challenges delivers multiple gains: share inspiration and lessons learnt across borders, contribute to relevant and innovative policies, coordinate activities, develop projects, exchange knowledge and experiences, create synergistic hubs, influence water governance.

These actions are οf essence for issues relating to transboundary water and catchment management and to the development of upcoming European Directives (e.g. household and industrial water use).

Our initiative aspires to create a JOINT European Water Sector.

How does it work?

The European Water Stars programme looks to ensure a coverage of the four categories of water security as defined by the United Nations:

  1. Water for economic activities and development;
  2. Drinking water and human well-being;
  3. Water for ecosystems; and,
  4. Water-related hazards and climate change.

The Water Stars programme is looking for a dynamic mix of strong European celebrities, business people, politicians and water experts to cover these water topics and bring them to the forefront of every European’s citizen understanding.

The programme is currently in the Stars engagement process, which you can follow on our social media.

All the phases of the initiative will be recorded, and the full story will be presented through a vibrant documentary. Progress and milestones of the initiative will be shared online and during selected European events.

The initiative is being supported by the European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) and the Wetskills Foundation.
European Junior Water Programme



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