The personal development organization that creates programmes for you!

You are looking for a training- and personal development organization that knows what is going on in the water sector? Someone who understands the complexity of the work; the technical innovations needed, the digitalization, the urgent crisis at stake, and knows how to train the water professionals to apply and use their talents. To support innovation by social innovation.

Why? Because you believe that the water sector needs to keep developing itself, though personal development, breaking current boundaries and a positive approach. You want to become future proof!

H2O People helps you:

To set up and organizes for you tailor made all-round development programmes

To connect practice with the necessary knowledge and soft skills

In a network of European Water organizations and their experts

Create stronger and more innovative water organizations, where people want to work

To create a greater voice to make your work in water matter to the world

Our programs

European Junior Water Programme

This programme aims to build a community of young European water management professionals who share a deep commitment to addressing today’s and future water and climate change issues.

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Our European Collaboration Projects

Register now | Download brochure H20-people is also a collaboration partner designing tailor-made strategies for participation and funding within EU and other collaboration projects. We focus on the human capital…
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Tailor made programs

we develop and execute tailor made programmes, in which we work on the development and implementation of programs aimed at development, connection and cooperation of talent = natural quality and potential (in all phases of your life).

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The secret behind our programmes?

Download our brochure or contact us and start the road to your future proof water sector!

Connecting water professionals

It saves time and resources needed to run your own training programs. And it also offers the great added value of connecting your professionals with those of other water organizations and break through other existing silos. Creating a better understanding and cooperation network for the future. Creating connection and inspiration.

Ready for the future

The result is that you and your organization will become ready for the uncertain future in a positive and innovative way: you will work with more fun and pleasure on one of the biggest challenges of the future, creating enough and clean drinking water.

The First SPIRE-SAIS newsletter

The first ever SPIRE-SAIS Newsletter is finally here. Learn more about Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis – a Cross-sectoral Blueprint for a Sustainable Process Industry.  
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H2O-people is proud partner of:

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