Blue Innovation Track

You are good at what you do. But do you have the right adaptive skill set and vision to lead in an increasingly uncertain water & climate future? Are you ready to explore the next levels of innovation and collaboration in water & environmental leadership?

Blue innovation track

Blue Innovation Track is an advanced development, training and co-creation platform for mid-to-high level water sector officials who are seeking to sharpen their leadership practices and convey more action-based examples for their team members and colleagues.

Immerse yourself in innovative methods and specialized practices of leadership development to benefit your own targets, team objectives and your organization’s contribution to the sector. In Blue Innovation Track, you will become part of a social learning community to generate a new wave of teamwork and impact. Are you ready to explore the benefits of joining H2O-People’s first Blue Innovation Track for Advanced Water Leaders?

Create your positive future

To create a positive future workplace in the water sector, people at all levels need change their functional perception of what water-sector work really is, what it comprises, and how we can better collaborate across geographical boundaries and professional disciplines. New and intense challenges are emerging faster that forecast when we look at climate change impacts. And we are already experiencing the need to work with less resources but with more diverse people and organizations – including through the evolving professional tools born out of digitalization.

We will help you to find answers

Blue Innovation Track is positioned to tackle a range of questions that advanced leaders need to take into account in such a highly interdependent and complex workplace of the future. We will co-create through shared expertise that will drive a positive and productive workplace. How can this process be best facilitated? How do we guide professionals through spectrums of uncertainties? How can we create a positive flow of knowledge transfer and development through a more holistic approach? What innovations should we identify and maximize to carry teams, organizations and the sector forward? Our participants will be professionally guided through these considerations to generate unique strategy-based solutions that are ready to be applied in future scenarios.

Content of the program

The program provides targeted knowledge and professional tools through an integrated approach combining professional skills development, knowledge creation and transfer, and social learning. Over the course of five professional training days, participants will delve into advanced leadership strategies, navigate through complex scenarios, manage situational emotions, and lead in unknown and volatile environments. The curriculum also includes inclusive teambuilding for impact, three guided InterVision (peer coaching) sessions, and innovation sprints tailored to participants’ specific cases.

Output of the program

Advanced leadership development to steer the future with more effective tools and confidence. A sharper ability to adapt and lead effective transitions toward the future workplace. Constructive input and specialized action for innovation – with applied learning challenges in the “innovation sprints” exercises. New networks within a community of peers, and beyond, for future collaboration and synergies.

For whom is the program

The program is designed for officials in the water, environmental, and related sectors with over six years of experience. It targets leaders and pioneers who drive innovation, foster collaboration, and champion change within their organizations and industries. Additionally, it is ideal for managers eager to learn and experiment alongside their counterparts in the water-environmental sector from diverse backgrounds.

Working Method

The program spans five days and takes place in a specialized Boot Camp at an exclusive location in the Netherlands. It features an integrated approach to leadership development, including advanced leadership strategies, navigating future complexities, managing emotional situations, and leading in uncertain and volatile environments. Participants will also engage in inclusive teambuilding exercises designed to maximize impact.

In addition to the in-person training, the program includes two online facilitated training days and three guided InterVision (Peer Coaching) sessions, where participants can collaborate and learn from each other’s experiences. The curriculum also incorporates innovation sprints focused on real-world cases, ensuring practical application of new skills. This hybrid program is facilitated by H2O-People and their partners, creating a dynamic social learning community. Each group consists of 6-12 participants, fostering close-knit interactions and integration into the New Waves Community of H2O-People.


By becoming more advanced leaders we run into new expectations. You become reponsible to steer the future with new ideas, leadership and motivation. These developments all start with barriers and/ or needs to change. Technological innovations are there or needed. Behavioral change and social innovations are needed to realize all other. Within the innovation sprints each participant brings in their own innovation challenge. Within the sprints – designated time and format in the boot camp – you will work together to be able to take the next steps needed for your innovation.

Through the innovation sprints:

  • You become more effective, efficient and create the confidence to support your innovation.
  • Adapt the trainings to your personal case and create a sharper ability to adapt and lead effective transitions.
  • You will receive constructive input and specialized action for innovation from your peers.
  • The sprints give a you a tool to tackle also other innovation/ changes you need to steer.

The  Blue Innovation Track includes five days of 2 days online and 3 days physical group trainings.

    • Advanced leadership strategy
    • Leading through complexity
    • Dealing with situation emotions
    • Leading in the unknown and volatile
    • Inclusive teambuilding for impact

Stimulating a proactive attitude in life and work, balanced in care for one’s own and others interests and perspectives. Life is what happens to you while making other plans, but having a goal also gives purpose and meaning. Consciousness about the ability and disability to plan ones future and how to deal with that is the main goal of the training sessions.

Since we are often working in multi cultural and multi-disciplined teams, communication is essential in this time. Two elements of this are taking along in the workshops to further develop. Awareness of cultural differences and ways to deal with not knowing expectations. Having a clear perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of those involved, and creating a plan to create a common goal in a complex system.

To support the ability to interpret a situation at its level of complexity and knowing a few basic rules of thumb in how to deal with it to support change and motivate others to come along.

We are constantly confronted with questions and changes. We have to relate to these changing situations and this can be accompanied by dilemmas, question marks, doubts, enthusiasm and frustration. As advanced leaders you not only deal with your own challenges but also with those you lead. We realize that in these challenges certain patterns show themselves over and over again. These are often recognizable to colleagues and some may have formulated an answer where the other is still looking. It is therefore useful to learn from each other’s experiences and expertise. That we do by InterVision, a Co-Worker Consultancy methodology.

What is InterVision?
InterVision is a structured consultation of a small group of equal professionals. Officially InterVision is not a term used in English, they often use Co-Worker Consultancy. During InterVision meetings, certain issues about personal functioning within the work context are discussed. A methodology is used that is helpful in understanding these questions. Not only does the case introducer learn here, but also the group that examines the issue.

What is the purpose of InterVision?
The purpose of peer review is to maintain professional expertise and to boost the professional’s personal functioning. During the meetings, the participants learn from the case histories, but above all to listen, ask good questions and reflect. These skills are actually useful in every position.

The complete programme of a total of 8 days in the period September – October 2024:

  • 2 online days on the 25th & 26th of  September 2024
  • 5 days face-to-face integrated programme in a specialized Bootcamp in from the 30th of September till 4th of October 2024, located in an exclusive and inspirational location in The Netherlands (3x2h = 6 hrs).

Join us before October 15 and you will receive:

  • 2 online facilitated training days in November, and 3 InterVision sessions
  • 5 days fully-covered boot camp, including lodging, meals and drinks.
  • for a Fee of €7,500 (excl. TAX) for full programme participation*

* This is an all in prize and covers all costs, except travel costs from and to the training location in The Netherlands in May 2023.

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