Social impact

We make impact in our sector through flexible frameworks, interactive tools, and collaborative co-creation, guiding stakeholders with engaging methodologies.

We strive to ‘make waves’ in the water sector, its people and stakeholders, and beyond. To be able to achieve that, and to assess how we contribute towards the change we want to see, we employ our expertise and research-based tools.

Our approach includes a toolkit and an assessment framework, which are flexible to be applied and further developed across diverse scales and towards different needs, and are designed for engaged and relevant projects

Our tools

Community Engagement Toolkit

Through a guided and interactive approach, we implement a structured series of tools aimed at engaging with and, ultimately, creating a community focussed on a certain topic/issue/activity/area.

The tools include, but are not limited to, engaging methodologies and sessions for stakeholder mapping and analysis, needs analysis, challenge definition and analysis, capacity buidling/skills training.
We utilize, among other things, the LEGO Serious Play method, bringing forward the creative and fun side of all of us!

Societal Impact Assessment

Buiding on research in this domain of knowledge, we co-design with project partners and stakeholders a process which will allow us to navigate the contribution the collaborative effort and the research project(s) have on the actors and stakeholders involved.

The flexible design allows for assessing changes occured across scales and contexts. We attribute special attention to and address the impact of capacity development activities, capitalising on H2O People expertise in this domain of work. The framework can be coupled with the Community Engagement Toolkit for a holistic approach to striving for and assessing societal impact.

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