What we offer

Let’s create stronger water organizations in which people are passionate about their work.

‘In an increasingly multicultural and shifting world, H2O People creates an enabling environment for early career professionals to develop beyond the tasks of their daily jobs, to work on cross-sectoral issues from a diversity-is-strength approach.’

Ioana Dobrescu, EJWP participant from Romania with Water Footprint Implementation.

Our flagship programs

European Junior Water Programme

The European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) is building a community of young European water managemenT Professionals who share a deep commitment to addressing water and climate change challenges of today and the future. EJWP is designed to equip participants with the tools, skills and networks to discover innovative solutions and share knowledge to (co)create and manage a sustainable, safe water sector in Europe.

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Blue Innovation Track

The Blue Innovation Track for Advanced Water Leaders is an advanced training program for leaders in the water sector. It focuses on enhancing leadership skills, innovation, and addressing challenges like climate change and resource constraints. Participants join a community aimed at effective collaboration and knowledge transfer, with the goal of addressing future challenges in water management and environmental health.

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Tailor made programs

we develop and execute tailor made programmes, in which we work on the development and implementation of programs aimed at development, connection and cooperation of talent = natural quality and potential (in all phases of your life).

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