Ap Verheggen is joining Summer Programme 2020

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We are proud to announce that Ap Verheggen is joining the Summer Programme 2020 as the Creative Stimulator. He will help finding solutions behind the borders and train the group in creative thinking. Believe the unbelievable, and make the impossible possible. So we won’t look for existing solutions, but create new ideas. He also will challenge the participants in creating impact.

Ap Verheggen is artist and inventer. See apverheggen.com & sunglacier.com

Ap Verheggen is an extraordinarily creative artist in a myriad of media. He  builds sculptures, designs objects, writes,produces documentary films. Besides he is founder and co-owner of SunGlacier Technologies B.V.. His projects Cool(E)motion and SunGlacier added value in the discussion about climate change. Instead of ‘naming, blaming and shaming’, Ap wants to add a positive focus. ‘Our climate is changing very rapidly, so extra fast response is required.’

Ap is connected with the human development programmes in the water sector through Wetskills, Nationaal Watertraineeship and the European Junior Water Programme, because it stimulates people to think  outside the box. Dare to dream and to innovate. Combine creativity and expertise to come to projects in a similar way as I do.

The SunGlacier project started with the idea of building a completely autonomously running glacier in a hot and dry desert, as an icon and proof that mankind is able to find answers, solutions, for the consequences of a rapidly changing climate. Because of the urgent drought situation, the focus switched temporarily from making ice to water, and Ap and his team succeeded to design a new and highly efficient method of condensation. The system is able to harvest water from air, powered by sunshine, in even the most hostile environments on this planet. “In this project me and my team pushed the boundaries of what is technically and scientifically feasible.”



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