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Are you ready to take the first step? Registration for our next EJWP group of early-career professionals and their organizations from around Europe is open until 17 April. Come explore our two-year, part-time journey in development which takes place as you and colleagues remain in your current work roles. You have seen our networking, skills training and personal development coaching that boost careers of young professionals and create positive impacts in organizations and communities – so is this the moment to click to find out how to register?

“There are a number of good things regarding EJWP and its interactions with water organizations. Collaboration between companies in the water sector is beneficial to everyone, as most major sector problems cannot be solved by one company. And providing training, especially for young employees, helps them adapt to new challenges,” Benjamin Hermans, EJWP2 participant from Belgium.

EJWP benefits for organizations:
• Join an active European innovation-minded network of companies.
• Equip employees with diverse leadership, project & communication skills.
• Provide cost-efficient facilitated staff training.
Benefits for young professionals:
• Build valuable networks in the water sector.
• Develop diverse water communication skills.
• Innovate for the future in project co-creation.

ALSO! Have you passed the stage of young professional, but are you keen to develop, reflect and have new inspiration to create the needed transformations in working in the Water Sector? Are you open to working and learning together with peers? Registration for Blue Innovation Track is open until 17 April!

Did you know that we do not only support water professionals in our flagship programmes, but also in European collaboration projects?  See what we can offer for your innovations and collaborations in the water sector, in our new flyer of H2O-People. Check out our services on training, communication, community building, social impact and Water@Work!

Get in touch today to catch these development opportunities for 2023!


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