Blue Innovation Track 2023

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Blue Innovation Track for Advanced Water Leaders is in position to enhance leadership strategies and practices for mid-senior level officials in 2023.  This forward-looking forum in leadership and synergies is designed to open new opportunities for growth in organizations, cross-sector projects, and in the communities they serve.

Highlighted as the “European Year of Skills” by the European Commission, 2023 is a recognized opportunity to address issues including better adapting skills and trainings to demands of the job market. With Blue Innovation, 2023 is a “NOW” point to take the step to better prepare yourself and staff members to do things differently in the coming year and forward.  Furthermore, the European Commission states that, “To encourage lifelong learning, Member States have endorsed the EU 2030 social targets that at least 60% of adults should participate in training every year.”

Registration is open now, with places available to join your European colleagues to start in January 2023. The schedule has been adapted to accommodate key areas of development, so check out meeting times that can fit your current work responsibilities.

“The effectiveness of our future workplace is even more vital because of changing environmental conditions putting new kinds of tension on natural resources. There are fewer people specializing in heavier workloads, and we need to be smarter about managing precious human capital in the workplace. Advanced, collaborative leadership strategies are – and will continue to be – key in managing increasing responsibilities in the sector while maintaining staff motivation,” said Naomi Timmer, Founder of H2O People.

What is the essential purpose of Blue Innovation Track?  The program is designed to help leaders take a step back to evaluate and empower, in order to make strides forward in complex climate, water, and environmental scenarios. This is an opportunity to refine the strategy in the “why” of how we are working and where our professional energy is focused. The result is to get an action-based perspective aimed at the future, with new and redesigned tools for efficiency in the workplace. When equipped for higher capacities, we can more precisely identify the spaces to innovate for a better way forward: through nature-based solutions, through technology, through increased cross-discipline cooperation.

Needed growth processes are not automatic. In short, Blue Innovation Track is about continuous development. Leaders need to learn. Leaders are expected and encouraged to learn. This was a central message that came from young professionals in Europe who participated in our New Waves 2022 festival in Brussels. Contact H2O-People now to make 2023 the launch point for strong strategy and skills for all of our water future.

Check out more detailed information & deadlines, or show your interest to participate by registering!


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