EJWP Opens Registration for Spring 2022! Are You In?

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Our world is in uncharted territory. Here is why you and your organization should join our programme!
‘Changes are happening now with much more to come. How can young water professionals and their organizations best deal with gradual reopenings around the world? As we move towards  post-pandemic recovery, the water sector will be increasingly competitive, and managing evolving live-online working forums will be essential to synergies for meeting new challenges.Leadership skills development and broadening professional networks in Europe will be needed more than ever in managing water-related climate impacts that magnified while much of the world was in lockdown. Building strong networks is often key to opening future job opportunities and to solving work objectives that are too complex to tackle as one individual or organization.Nourishing leadership skills can be the ultimate re-energizing for individuals and organizations, as development of human capital should be high on the agenda to remain competitive. And old ways of working may not provide new answers for emerging water issues which require fresh, dynamic leadership based on sound strategies.The European Junior Water Programme is ready to begin a new group this spring to meet these challenges head on. EJWP connects young European water professionals (2 – 8 years experience, <35 years-old) with skills and capacities to co-create, implement, and manage water projects for future resilience. EJWP also equips participants with expertise in the latest digital communication tools for the right working connections.

Get in touch today to find out how to join our Spring 2022 Group to begin a new chapter of your career, and to open new options for your organizations. The future is happening. EJWP is happening! Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in a global turning point for the water sector! Contact me at info@juniorwaterprogramme.eu to find out more on why it’s important for you to join our group this spring’.

Naomi Timmer, Director of EJWP

And Flyer_EJWP_2021_2022 for more details.

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