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In the “Inclusive Governance for a Water-Smart Society” session of Water Projects Europe during the online Water Innovation Europe week of Water Europe (14-18 June), EJWP’s Naomi Timmer will share why the new SMARTEN project will be relevant to a more digitally-oriented future in the water sector and higher education. SMARTEN is an EU-funded Erasmus+ project is that is part of H20 People (the EJWP parent organization). The two-year project is based on serious gaming models, to support digital transition and readiness after the Covid pandemic, with focus on higher education, professional training, and the water sector. Smart management of water resources which are vital to life and development is the central focus of activities.

“I intend to elaborate on the challenges and importance of partnerships within the Erasmus+ programme, and to stress the benefits of being digitally prepared for lifelong learning in an evolving water-smart society,” said Naomi about the upcoming working group.

Water Project Europe is aiming to exchange and create synergies between European projects. Within the Water Innovation Week, it offers a unique opportunity for SMARTEN to foster the market and exchange with water industry leaders and EU officials to actively contribute to inclusion of education and collaboration within European Water sector stakeholders. For its third edition, Water Project Europe is dedicated to inclusive governance to improve research and innovation in the water sector. Aims include connecting in Erasmus+ strategic partnerships to support the connection between education and industry and involving students in the new way of working.

Water Project Europe will highlight different initiatives in circular water management with a focus on inclusive governance for a water-smart society. Questions will be considered such as – how the participation of citizens in European projects can be fruitful for water smart management? While EU policies encourage citizens’ participation for facilitating transparency and ownership, they may not adequately support synergies and exchanges of best practices among project consortia and various funding programmes. Discussions will feature an exchange of experience from six projects from different European funding programmes to examine productive ways forward.

Please check to register! And visit for more information on the SMARTEN project.

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