Naomi Timmer Contributes Chapter on Human Capital in Water for New Book

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Naomi Timmer, Director of H2O-People, has contributed a chapter on human capital in the water sector in the book “Emergency Preparedness: Time for a Blue Deal” by Paul Rübig. Naomi joined Mr. Rübig for a reception in Brussels on 3 April to celebrate the new publication.

The chapter titled “The Relevance of Human Capital as a Driving Force Toward an Inclusive Water-Smart Community” focuses on the value of people in creating water-smart societies, which is an essential aspect of the EU Blue Deal initiative. The Blue Deal aims to ensure the sustainable use of water resources, and H2O-People is proud to play a part in driving this initiative forward.

The chapter examines the necessary transformations and actions needed to establish an efficient intergenerational dialogue and a dynamic joint vision of the future water sector workplace. Naomi, along with chapter co-author Rasha Hassan, Project Officer with H2O-People, highlighted the European Junior Water Programme (EJWP) and its events in the chapter as a basis to realize the relevant goals.

“This was a great opportunity to highlight not only the value of people and needed evolution of their skills in the future water workplace, but to also put it in the broader context of the Blue Deal Initiative. I was happy to contribute to the book, and I look forward to further opportunities of seeing the human capital and water-smart combination in practice,” said Naomi.

How to establish a dynamic and inclusive water sector workforce that is capable of taking on the challenges of the future is a central part of the chapter. Naomi and Rasha brought forward the importance of developing skills of the current workforce, as well as creating new opportunities for the next generation of water professionals. EJWP activities were presented as examples of how to foster intergenerational dialogue and to create a shared vision for the future workplace. The EJWP New Waves Festival 2022, “The Future of the Workplace in the European Sector” was a significant event highlighted in the chapter. This festival brought together a diverse group of water professionals – junior, mid and senior – to exchange knowledge and ideas, and to promote the development of new solutions to the challenges facing the water sector.

“I am thrilled to collaborate with Naomi on this chapter, as it highlights the importance of fostering a productive intergenerational discourse and developing a shared vision of the water sector’s future workforce, particularly in the face of the uncertain challenges ahead,” said Rasha.

H2O-People translates the complex nature of the water sector, new online platforms, digitalization, and the urgency of water and climate impacts into training for water professionals and organizations to reach their full potential. Support activities and projects are aimed at establishing a water-smart society: from knowledge transfer and creation, to communication and leadership – combined to create impact through social innovation.

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