New Adventures for EJWP in 2021

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We are thrilled to see a dynamic and diverse community of young water professionals forming with participants from all over Europe.  With this momentum, we’re looking forwards to 2021 as THE perfect year to take steps together towards a future-proof water sector – for Europe and globally!

Our water sector needs smart strategies to adapt and transform: to climate change, circular economies, digitalization, and to changing labour markets. Today’s young professionals are key to these transformations. Thanks to our participants and partner organisations in the water sector, we are working and learning together to support the co-creation of water solutions that will have sustainable impact on future communities and industries.

EJWP began this year energized with the first full training week of EJWP2. This is following a great training week of EJWP1 near the end of 2020. And more BIG news: We are opening registration for EJWP3 on 1 February.  The time is now to join us!

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