There is no time to lose, summer is almost there!

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The COVID Pandemic is a magnifying glass of the trouble we are already in for a long time. We do not need the projects of yesterday. We need the projects of tomorrow. We need sustainable and resilient projects.

And those are only possible when we use an integrated, inclusive and sustainable approach. Not only trusting on technical innovation, but creating a systemic approach that connects all forms of innovation; technical and social, to become and stay in the future.

The water sector is not just looking for someone with just experience. You also needs the skills to bring different approaches to one problem. With the future of constant change; resilience and agility become viable skills for the future.

Create real connections in an online world. Become the water professional that is at ease in online connections and results. So that you can lead the water sector into the future. While having fun!

Then you are at the right place.

Learn to take a cross-disciplinary approaches to projects. To communicate in an environment that requires participation in many modes of communication. To make real connection and set up new collaborations outside our bubbles.

You already have it in you! We will learn you in a short amount of time to get to know better your own possibilities and use them!

So there is no time to lose, summer is almost there!

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  • 10 days
  • 2 trainings/ 2 workshops/ 1 complex challenge
  • Team InterVision and Coaching of whole process
  • A special and unique Managers Bonus Programme
  • 13 July – 11 September 2020


Breaking through Boundaries/ Explore new Adventures/ Making new connections

Create new solutions/ adapt to constant changing problems/ create your way in the complex water world.


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