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Water Europe is the voice and promotor of water-related RTD and innovation in Europe. It is a multi-stakeholder platform with currently around 200 members representing the whole diversity of the water value chain (Research organisation, Suppliers & SMEs, NGOs, Utilities, multinational companies…).

Water Europe has the ambition to realize a (European) Water-Smart Society in which enough water is available for all the different uses (industrial, agricultural, domestic) while we reduce the impact on the environment and our fresh water resources. In our Water Vision “The Value of Water: Towards a Future-Proof Water-Smart Society” we have come up with 4 innovation concepts to make this happen:

  • the Multiple Waters concept,
  • the Digital Water concept,
  • the Value in Water concept, and
  • the Hybrid-Grey-Green-Infrastructure concept.

We have regrouped our activities in 3 key programmes: our Collaboration, Advocacy, and Market Programmes. Each of our programmes is complemented by an annual event: Water Knowledge Europe (WKE), Water Innovation Europe (WIE), and Water Market Europe (WME). Additionally, we have also set-up our International Water Dialogues (IWD) to promote international business and research collaboration.

From the Working Group Human Capital within Water Europe the quest for a Summer Programme 2020 on Human Capital Development was launched.  For Water Europe, this programme contributes to realise the value of water and the water smart society. Europe needs not only technology but also an innovative human capital and the Summer Programme 2020 contribute to leverage the commitment, talent and dedication of water professionals to tackle the problems of the future and create the best out of uncertain times.

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