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SMARTEN is an Erasmus+ project dedicated to supporting ongoing efforts towards digital transition and digital readiness, particularly in higher education and training sectors. Over a two-year period, the project focuses on water as a fundamental component of life and development, emphasizing the importance of informed resource management and related information.

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, reliance on virtual platforms for both business and social interaction has increased significantly. This shift has accelerated efforts within the EU towards digital transition and readiness, encompassing various sectors, including water education.

SMARTEN is a collaborative endeavor involving partners such as Norges Milio-og Biovitenskaplige Universitet (Norway – coordinator), Univerzitet U Nisu (Serbia), Panepistimio Thessalias (Greece), and H2O-People / European Junior Water Programme (The Netherlands), with Water Europe serving as an associated partner.

Key Objectives and Highlights:

  • Introducing innovative practices based on serious games in education, specifically addressing water-related topics aligned with European environmental and climate objectives.
  • Leveraging serious games to enhance educational outcomes, particularly in the engineering domain.
  • Impacting higher education on water by:
  • Promoting the effective use of digital technology in teaching and learning water subjects.
  • Developing skills and competencies necessary to support the digitalization of water education.
  • Cultivating a new generation of water professionals equipped to lead the digital transformation of the water sector.
  • Through these initiatives, SMARTEN aims to not only enhance digital literacy within water education but also contribute to broader environmental and societal goals in Europe.

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