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iMERMAID is an EU-funded initiative dedicated to safeguarding the Mediterranean Sea and its adjacent areas, vital for numerous socioeconomic activities. With a focus on mitigating the escalating threats posed by chemical contamination and pollution resulting from human interventions, iMERMAID seeks to integrate innovative strategies for prevention, monitoring, and remediation.

By assembling a consortium comprising 26 partners from Europe and beyond, the project endeavors to foster collaborative efforts aimed at:

  • Developing advanced sensor technologies for comprehensive monitoring.
  • Implementing remediation techniques to address existing pollution.
  • Strengthening regulatory frameworks to minimize contamination.
  • Creating economic opportunities conducive to sustainable development.
  • Enhancing the overall quality of life for EU residents by safeguarding marine ecosystems.

Our contribution:
In the iMERMAID project, H2O People plays a pivotal role in communication and dissemination efforts, focusing on:

  • Crafting and executing a comprehensive social media campaign to raise awareness about the project’s objectives, progress, and outcomes.
  • Developing an Impact Toolkit to monitor and evaluate the project’s effectiveness and long-term impact.Through these strategic communication endeavors, H2O People aims to amplify the project’s reach, engage stakeholders, and facilitate knowledge exchange, ultimately contributing to the preservation and restoration of the Mediterranean marine environment.

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