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The Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis: A Cross-sectoral Blueprint for a Sustainable Process Industry (SPIRE-SAIS) is an Erasmus+ initiative uniting 25 partners across Europe. Economic, digital, and technological advancements, alongside increasing energy efficiency and environmental demands, pose significant challenges for European Energy Intensive Industries. These challenges include the continuous evolution of qualifications, knowledge, and skill profiles within the workforce.

The SPIRE-SAIS project aims to address these challenges by bringing together stakeholders from the SPIRE community, including Industry sector associations, Education and training providers, Research & Technology organisations, Research institutions, Regional institutions, companies, and others. Through collaborative efforts, SPIRE-SAIS endeavors to enable and accelerate the uptake of Industrial Symbiosis and energy efficiency by developing a comprehensive cross-sectoral blueprint for skills.

Key Highlights:

  • Analysis of skills supply side relevant to IS and EE across Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Portugal.
  • Piloting and sustainable implementation of the blueprint framework, strategies, and tools.
  • Establishment of SPIRE-SAIS governance structure.

Our Role: H2O-People’s Contribution: In the SPIRE-SAIS project, H2O-People serves as a collaborative partner, contributing as a training provider and representative from the water sector. Specifically, H2O-People is responsible for:

  • Developing the Innovative Training Programme.
  • Leading the development and dissemination of Lifelong Learning (LLL) approaches and tools within the Augmented Collaboration Toolkit.
  • Overseeing the general communication efforts of the project and coordinating the training and events work package.

Through these strategic contributions, H2O-People aims to facilitate the project’s objectives of fostering industrial symbiosis and energy efficiency across sectors, ultimately shaping a sustainable future for the European process industry.

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