Rasha Hassan

Project Officer

Rasha is the Project Officer of H2OPeople with three years of expertise gained with:

  • Erasmus+ ProjectsSPIRE-SAIS (Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis – A Cross-sectoral Blueprint for a Sustainable Process Industry) & SMARTEN (Serious gaMes for digitAl Readiness of waTer EducatioN).
  • Horizon Europe projects: WATERLINE

Her tasks revolve around research, administrative and financial management of H2OPeople projects, day-to-day management, communication, and dissemination actions as well as participation in the company development through networking and participation in public events.

In addition, Rasha is a freelancer consultant and service provider in the water sector with a particular focus on harnessing the benefits of participatory approaches and serious games to bridge the gap between science, policy, and associated practices in water and food securities and implement climate adaptation in MENA. 
Rasha holds a BSc in civil engineering and a MSc in environmental systems engineering from Tishreen University, Syria; and a MSc in Water and Coastal Management from Bolonga University, Italy. She is currently a PhD candidate in Geography, Territorial Planning and Environmental Management, Faculty of Geography and History at University of Barcelona, Spain. 
You can follow her on Linkedin and Twitter.

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