Our European Collaboration Projects

H20-people is also a collaboration partner designing tailor-made strategies for participation and funding within EU and other projects. We focus on the human capital element in programs – thus empowering people to develop their potential for generating solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. H20 people is available to enter into small–medium project partnerships to facilitate larger trainings like summer school instruction on water-related topics. Our challenging programs support ambitions of managing a future of natural and technical transformations in the water sector.

Our current projects:


SMARTEN is aErasmus+ project that supports digital transition and digital readiness, mainly in higher education and trainingsThe two-year project focuses on water as a vital component of life and development, knowing that water benefits from more informed management of resources. Improvements are achieved through promoting an educational digital environment of equity, diversity and inclusion, as well as strengthening the strategic and virtual cooperation between higher education institutions and business partners in the European water sector. 


The SPIRE-SAIS project aims to develop an industry-driven and proactive skills strategy. SPIRE-SAIS will assist the wider implementation and exploitation of industrial symbiosis and energy efficiency across energy-intensive industrial sectors represented in the project: chemicals, steel, engineering, non-ferrous metals, minerals, water, cement, and ceramics. Read more on the project website.

Working Group Human Capital

The scope of the by H2O-People/ European Junior Water Programme led WG Human Capital is to create an actionable appreciation within the water sector of the human factor at the European level.  The aim is also to position the European water sector as a reference by the definition of a common agenda, creating possibilities and its level of expertise.

With the WG HC, we want to support and accelerate the innovative water sector with the creation of a human capital agenda. This WG is collecting knowledge to facilitate collaborations on human capital to support technical innovations and the creation of a water smart society. The knowledge and programmes of this WG can assist other working groups within Water Europe, since they all build upon their human capital.

The WG HC will also connect with the other WGs to collect information on their needs and knowledge for the skills agenda of the future. It will create Water Europe as inclusive organization with not only eye for the technical view of innovations but also room to development of innovations to the human capital.
Read more on the Water Europe website.

Work Package Leader Events and Grant Awarding Coordinator NEXUSNET

Innovation emerges where strong collaborations, extensive synergies and creative research networks are fostered. NEXUSNET action builds on scientific cooperation and robust research ties towards advancing excellence, interdisciplinary research, and young researchers’/innovators’ empowerment.

NEXUSNET is an international network of researchers collaborating with universities, research institutions, policymakers and the business sector to better understand how the water-energy-food Nexus fosters policy coherence and biophysical interactions in the domains of water, energy and food, supporting the transition towards a circular and low-carbon economy in Europe. The network focuses on job creation, enhancing wellbeing, establishing broad synergies and care for the environment. The Nexus concept is tested at different scales (i.e. local, regional, national, European), while the international dimension is explored through the involvement of international proposers. More Nexus-compliant practices are foreseen through a knowledge/research sharing hub at European level and beyond. Public-private initiatives pave the path for Nexus compliant practices, building on network members’ advice. NEXUSNET will deliver examples of nexus compliant policies, decision making, and recommendations to best achieve them, to come-up with an overview of Good Nexus Practices in Europe (policy coherence, Nexus-compliant practices and more coherent nexus evaluations). Trans-disciplinary approaches are adopted to test Nexus compliant practices with the involvement of relevant stakeholders, while interaction and engagement with current and finished Nexus-related projects will be pursued. Academic Nexus knowledge will be translated into practical and applicable knowledge for the private sector or policy makers. A series of intense knowledge transfer and dissemination actions are planned to ensure that the network will have a significant impact in Europe and beyond.

H2O-People and EJWP support the NEXUSNET  as Work Package Leader Organization & Monitoring of Events and Grant Awarding Coordinator. More information on NEXUSNET.

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The SPIRE-SAIS project aims to develop an industry-driven and proactive skills strategy that will assist the wider implementation and exploitation…
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